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We pride ourselves on the service we provide each family we serve.

Our funeral home provides a full range of funeral service options, from the traditional religious service to simple cremation. Each family is provided with the opportunity to learn about and discuss the wide variety of funeral service options available to them.

There is value in the tradition of viewing the body before the funeral service. We encourage family and friends to participate in this tradition for the reason that it puts people in contact with symbols of death. There is a tendency within our culture to insulate the bereaved at the expense of emotional health. 

The viewing process is more than just putting a corpse on display. It provides another tangible way of reinforcing the fact that a death has taken place. The practice of viewing the body should not be discouraged in our funeral tradition. The viewing process is usually done at specified times previous to the funeral service. The funeral tradition and wishes of the family will influence the viewing times, especially in regard to the funeral service.

The funeral director's most important role is helping you. Making any kind of funeral arrangements involves many choices and decisions. Funeral service professionals give you and your family the information you need to make the right choices. Because they understand your need to consider all available options, your funeral director will fully explain these options and take time to answer your questions.

The Elements of a Funeral — with Burial or Cremation

Visitation  -- sometimes called the wake, calling hours or viewing, the visitation is a time for family and friends to gather and support one another in their grief. Often the body is present in an open or closed casket, allowing those who loved the deceased to acknowledge the reality of the death and to have the privilege of saying goodbye. Receiving friends through a visitation activates the family's support system and allows people to express their concern and love for each other.

Eulogy -- Also called the remembrance or homily, the eulogy acknowledges the unique life of the deceased and affirms the significance of that life for all who shared in it. The eulogy can be delivered by clergy, a family member or friend of the deceased. Instead of a traditional eulogy by one person, the family may ask several people to share memories.

Procession -- Also called the cortege, this is the procession from the funeral to the gravesite. It is usually led by the hearse containing the casket. The procession is a symbol of mutual support and of the public honoring the death as mourners proceed to the final resting place.

Committal Service -- Whether the body will be buried in a casket or the cremated remains will be interred in an urn or scattered, the gravesite ceremony is the final opportunity to say goodbye. Accompanying a body to its final resting place and saying a few last words brings a necessary feeling of closure to the funeral process. Families are often deeply touched by this ceremony, and its memory resonates for years.

Gathering -- Most funerals are followed by a gathering of friends and family. This informal time allows family and friends to tell stories about the loved one, to cry, to laugh, to support one another. It is a time of release after the more formal elements of funeral ceremony. The gathering is also a transition, a rite of passage back to living again. It demonstrates the continuity of life, even in the face of death.


If you choose cremation rather than traditional burial we will assist you in making the service you chose meaningful.

Cremations options are virtually limitless; we can help you select the appropriate services that will help you honor and celebrate the life of your loved one. We hope that you will take time to carefully consider your choices, ask questions, and depend on us to assist you in selecting the right types of services for you

The ashes can be presented in a single urn, or families will often choose to separate the ashes into small keepsake urns. Cremation services can include all the elements of a traditional funeral, with the added flexibility of an extended time schedule to better accommodate a family's needs. We make every effort to ensure peace of mind if you chose cremation for your loved one.

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